Friday, May 13, 2011


If anyone out there remembers me, I had a blog before regarding movies. Well, I still had it until a few minutes back. I decided to delete that one and have a fresh start! Reason was, in my old job I had been travelling a lot, and often on short notice. I've told my readers that I would compensate for one long trip, only to go on a longer one the next day. So, not only did I give a big 'Fuck you!' to my boss, I quit the job. I now have a job that's just as good but much more predictable! So, hopefully I'll have more than enough time to keep reviewing movies for you guys!

Coming up soon is The Lincoln Lawyer, I just gotta copy it up to blogger and format it, then it'll be good to go! I'm also an Amazon Associate now, so hopefully I'll be able to give you guys some good deals on the movies and shows I review. I also plan to have some kind of contest in the future, where I'll give out a movie, or two. But I'm still not sure when!

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