Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A surreal, bizarre, action-filled and amazing ride into mind after mind.

Cobb has a very special area of expertise, he's an extractor, a person who infiltrates your dreams and steals your secrets. It's the most versatile weapon, information is power, and Cobb has the skills to get any intel in the world, no matter where it may be. Working closely with Arthur, an 'architect', a person who designs dreams, he works for different companies, mostly doing industrial espionage. Arthur makes the dreams, Cobb goes in and finds the intel. It may seem like a good, well-payed, work but Cobb is not only fighting mega-corporations, he's fighting his own emotions. All he dreams about is going back home, but he can't.

Remember when he was just a boy? 
When Cobb gets a chance to go home, he doesn't hesitate for a second, but gets working right away. One last job, the job of jobs. Inception. To implant an idea into someones mind, instead of extracting it. Cobb assembles his team, and starts working. The plan is to convince a corporation owner to sell out his whole company, not for anyones personal monetary gain, but for the greater good. As we go deeper into the mind of the subject, we does also go deeper into Cobb, and we find out why he can't go home, why he needs Arthur to make the dreams and why Inception is so hard.

This movie is not people who over analyze movies, because I can guarantee you that this movie will suck for you. If you on the other hand take it for what it is, a movie, you'll love it to death. It has everything a good movie should have, great actors, good character development, an awesome story, a lot of action balanced with a lot of romance, emotion and you're somehow able to relate to people in this movie(really, how did that work out?).

Even if you don't think that this is your kind of movie, I'll still recommend you to watch it. The reason is, it's so immensely popular that if you ever find yourself in a conversation talking about this movie you kind of need a response. I think this is one of the few movies that needs to be seen, no matter your preference(kind of like The Shawshank Redemption or Schindler's list).

Next up is Waking life, as some people suggested it in comments. I'm still accepting suggestions, and I'll get to every single one that comes in before starting my Bale streak. So, suggest more people!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

What's up?

What's up, readers? Thanks for all the great comments, I love all of you. I'm just making a quick post to tell you all what I'll be writing about in my next couple of posts.

First of all, I'm gonna make a review of Inception, expect it tonight. I'm reviewing it because wellpickedbooger asked me to do it in one of her comments. I also want to say to everyone, tell me what to review! You will get credit(like I'm showing in this post) and it's much more entertaining to write when you know that someone will appreciate the text!

To spin, or not to spin...
After my Inception review, I'd like to do a Christian Bale special. Bale is a great actor that I really enjoy, and he's probably in my 'top-10 favorite actors' list, even though I didn't 'discover' him until I saw the premier of The Dark Knight. Unless someone requests reviews for me to do, I'll begin my Bale streak directly after I've reviewed Inception. I'll be taking requests in the comments here until I actually begin watching my first Bale movie, so get to it!

EDIT: Inception wont be arriving until tomorrow, sorry! I'll also be doing Waking Life as requested by Graham.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

An entertaining movie that really takes it's time before really taking off.

A politician, David Norris, is candidating for a a seat in the senate. But he's not just any politician, he's more human than most politicians are which is one thing that explains his great success. Norris is destined for great things, greater than he can imagine, but destiny and Norris doesn't agree. Norris finds himself trapped in a fight with destiny, love and his own will. If you know your destiny, can you really change it?

Norris one day finds himself talking to a unknown woman in the mens room. She inspires him to do his most successful speech in his career, but that's not where they stop seeing each other, they bump into each other again. Destiny itself then intervenes and kidnaps Norris. These men forbids him to see this woman ever again, and now Norris is standing at a crossroad, to go against destiny and see the love of his life, or not. Who are these men and why don't they want the two to be together?
That's not your average book.

This movie is very interesting, and I did like it a lot. People keep comparing this movie to Inception, and I can agree that there are some similarities, but I don't think it's fair to my readers to be lazy and say 'it's a lot like Inception', because it's not! There's a few similarities, but not enough to make them good movies to compare to each other.

The Adjustment Bureau is a good movie, but not great. It doesn't really take off until the end, and well, it's nearly over then. It's somewhat slow in the beginning, but then it sort of gets the speed to take off, but somehow doesn't. I'm not saying that's bad, I do like the movie, but I like my movies to have it's twists and turns, and there's not a lot of them in this one. I do think people should check this movie out, I love Matt Damon, but don't expect Inception, if you do you'll be sadly disappointed.

This movie is a very interesting one, and I had a hard time figuring out how to review it. Reviewing is a balance, if you lean too much towards one side you spoil the whole movie, if you lean towards the other side you wont interest the readers, and I found this movie extremely hard to balance out! Hopefully the next review will be better! Also! Please recommend me movies to review!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer

Based on the novel with the same name by Michael Connelly, Brad Furman brings us The Lincoln Lawyer. When I first heard about this movie, I thought it would be about Lincoln's lawyer, but the movie is called The Lincoln Lawyer because the lawyer that the movie is about conducts a lot of his bussiness in the back of his Lincoln.

The lawyer, named Mick Haller, is crusing around Beverly Hills making deals with criminal gangs, and he's probably the most 'street' lawyer ever in a movie. He's one of the best, and he knows it. He's not afraid of anything, and he'll go a long way for his clients, but he'll go even farther for himself. But, don't think that he's some kind of 'king of the criminals' because of that, he battles not only with his own emotions, but also with his ex-wife(who's ironically on the direct opposite in the courtroom).

The whole story revolves around a case where a man is supposedly wrongly accused of assault on a prostitute. The case seems pretty straightforward in the beginning, but as Haller has his investigator do his job, the whole case becomes a lot more complex. Not only does his current case become more complex, he has to go dig a long time back, and go investigate old clients. Ultimately, not only is Haller himself in danger, but everyone close to him, and he's forced between doing the right thing or doing his job.

I do strongly recommend people to check this one out. It twists and turns, but somehow ties up pretty nicely at the end. Twists and turns can be very annyoing, but there's no place in this movie where I felt lost, the twists and turns this movie has just makes it the more interesting! I think the acting is great. The only thing this movie is lacking, in my opinion, is emotion. You don't really relate well to any of the characters, but I guess it's hard when you haven't been in a situation like they are in.


Go and watch this movie, you wont be dissapointed!  

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If anyone out there remembers me, I had a blog before regarding movies. Well, I still had it until a few minutes back. I decided to delete that one and have a fresh start! Reason was, in my old job I had been travelling a lot, and often on short notice. I've told my readers that I would compensate for one long trip, only to go on a longer one the next day. So, not only did I give a big 'Fuck you!' to my boss, I quit the job. I now have a job that's just as good but much more predictable! So, hopefully I'll have more than enough time to keep reviewing movies for you guys!

Coming up soon is The Lincoln Lawyer, I just gotta copy it up to blogger and format it, then it'll be good to go! I'm also an Amazon Associate now, so hopefully I'll be able to give you guys some good deals on the movies and shows I review. I also plan to have some kind of contest in the future, where I'll give out a movie, or two. But I'm still not sure when!